Friday, May 23, 2008

Brave or a bit nuts?? That was my thought

this afternoon as I walked into the university dental clinic:

I have been wanting to have my teeth cleaned since the new year. And today I just couldn't stand it any longer. Normally, I have the procedure done three times a year, but I'm very particular about dentists. I've had extensive dental work from childhood on and have only had two dentists do the work. So it has taken me a while to muster up the courage. Then there are those pesky language and cultural differences...

As you can see, most dentists work in a more open enviroment than in the U.S. No separate waiting or exam rooms here! See that first chair right by the window in the above photo? That's where I was sitting for all to view!

Chinese dentistry (as I've read and now experienced) is a bit dated. It was like being back in the 70's. The whole time I was thinking "please don't undo all the work Dr. L. has done. He's going to kill me when he sees this mouth"! But, everything went smoothly and my teeth look and feel 1000% better. It only cost a bit (ok, a lot!) of anxiety, about 45 minutes of time and the equivalent of $10 USD. Now why was it I waited so long...??

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Anonymous said...

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