Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If it's Tuesday, it must be coffee time.

I don't have any classes on Tuesday, so once the kids are in school, Gustavo and I have a weekly coffee date.

First, we have some choices to make. Do we walk? This is the main street outside the west gate of the university. It's an easy downhill going to, but a slower uphill on the return.

Or do we hop on a bus? Here is our dependable #98 . The decision on whether to walk or bus depends on where we want to have coffee and the weather conditions. The fare is 1 RMB ($0.12)

This is the closest and is an easy walk. There is also another restaurant close by, Salvador's, that we haven't tried yet. It's known to have great coffee, wonderful baked goods and generally excellent food. We walked by several times and the place is always packed with ex-pats. I haven't had a hankering to try it, mainly because I haven't had a strong need for a jolt of Americana just yet. The next closest coffee place is KFC. Walmart is next door, which makes it convenient if we need to pick up a few items. The furthest place is McDonald's, near the downtown Carrefour. We'll go to McD's if we have the time. Sometimes we get a later start and we need to be back by noon to pick up the kids. A cup of coffee costs almost 5 RMB ($0.60). That's pretty expensive in comparison to a bottle of juice (1-2 RMB ($0.12 - $0.25) or a can of Coke or Pepsi (2-3 RMB).

Here's my handsome husband enjoying his Tuesday coffee. Looks like it was KFC this Tuesday.

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Amy said...

Hi Ann, It's fun to read the blog! (We missed you at the picnic btw!)

Okay, here's the real question... how is the coffee in China? Are you going through any Juan Ana withdrawl? :)