Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Ex-pat families in China

Please go to www.xiamenadventure.blogspot.com to get a listing of some blogs being written by US families currently in China. We're mentioned as one of the blogs! The Lewis Family blog is another family from our CCC group.

I love reading the stories. I think it's really amazing how many people have upper elementary school age kids.. Now that's a challenge! At least when they're 4 and 5 years old, they don't enough yet to complain! Read Xiamen Adventure, too. Malinda wrote some very interesting posts about her 6 month stay in Xiamen with her two young daughters. It was her description and photos of Chinese Kindergarten that convinced me that Carlos and Elena will be just fine.


Stephanie said...

Hi Aunt Ann, Tio Gustavo, Carlos and ELena,

Just stopping by your blog to see how things are going. Can't wait to see more pictures!!

Hugs and kisses!!!

Stephanie and Cody

Anonymous said...

hola tio que tal? espero que le este llendo muy bien en china, por aqui estmaos todos pendientes de lo que va escribiendo en su blog, esperoq ue le sigua llendo bien bien y que todos tengan buena salud!

Pd: si hay alguna chinita para mi me avisa =P xD

ATTe Manuel,Chile,IV

Nancy said...

Hey Ann. I've been following your blog and it is amazing me. Just stopped by quickly to say hello and will write more at a later time on your regular e-mail. Hope all is well and say hello to everyone.

Love, Nancy