Saturday, August 11, 2007

First week down with NO coffee

and we are doing fine. It has been a busy week! We are finally over jet lag and feel semi-normal again. Our days have been filled with classes and activities. So now, Saturday morning, we finally have a break. We have been trying the dozens of noodle shops around campus and each one is more tastier and a better deal than the last! I've also been running to the supermarket everyday for snacks and every time I go in, I find another amazing something that is eaten here. It's been a guessing game buying products that have a picture, Chinese writing and maybe an English word. So far, we have liked everything.

On Friday, we visited the high school that our group will be presenting some English lessons during the next two weeks. A gorgeous facility! The students are 15-16 years old and are eager to work with us. For many, this will be the first time they will have an opportunity to speak English with a native speaker.

This afternoon we are going on a tour and I'll report on it later. Accessing blogs is a hit and miss deal here. I'll post when and IF I can!


Anonymous said...

So excited to be sharing your
daily life in China.
Keep posting! Liz

Anonymous said...

Read your blog. Have been thinking about you. Glad you arrived at your destination; however, sorry to hear that you got caught in the seasonal travel delays. It has made news. Ch.4 TV interviewed Gail Shankman last week at Det. Metro, when her flight got cancelled. Glad you recovered after the stress of the long trip, but can't understand how you coped without coffee! I thought Mac's and Starbuck's were everywhere. Maybe you can switch to tea. Maybe there is some high-power tea that comes close to the jolt of java.

I saw the pre-Olympic celebration on Aug. 8, and learned that there is 12 hours difference between the Chinese capital and NYC/Det. The show next year will really be something.

Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the pictures. It will get better with time.

I hope this orientation continues to go well. Sounds like your hosts are well prepared. You should have a smooth transition.

I'll look forward to reading about your adventure as it unfolds.


rosy said...

hola tio soy la rosy . me reì mucho con su redacción y me pareció escucharlo . jajajaj saludos . te mande un mail. chao o en chino chaolin