Monday, July 30, 2007

I hate packing.

I absolutely dread the thought and for me it's always the worst thing about traveling. I can't even stand packing for a short overnight trip. It also doesn't help that just 2 short months ago we packed up and unpacked the contents of a house. Ugghh. So here I am, with a few precious hours remaining, going crazy trying to pack for a FAMILY OF FOUR, for a WHOLE YEAR to a PLACE I'VE NEVER BEEN TO. I wouldn't be so frazzled (oh, yes I would be) if it just me going solo (as before). If I mess up in the process, then I make do and/or suffer the consequences. But when 3 other people are counting on me to get it right... wow!

What do we need? What don't we need? It's not like I'll be returning before a season change and no one is visiting us THAT soon! We're going to keep to a limit of 4 large suitcases and 4 carry-ons (the airline limit). The kids each have their own small backpack, G. has one and is also responsible for the computer, and I have a large tote and am in charge of the travel documents, money and related paperwork. We divided the contents in 4 categories más o menos: 1) winter clothing, household items; 2) school stuff, kids' DVDs, etc. 3) assorted clothes, etc. from all of us and 4) all the necessary clothes and items we need for the 3 week orientation in (extremely hot) Shanghai. The goal in Shanghai is to live out of one suitcase and ignore the other three.

Since the packing process has begun full speed, E. gets weepy. She was the same way when we were packing up the house. After the move, she cried for about 3 weeks and continually asked to "go home". So I suspect she'll have a rough transition again. And of course, the remaining three of us will be a bit shell-shocked, too.

OK, time to get moving again...



Anonymous said...

I'm excited for your family and the move you are about to make! I've been following the "Xiamen Adventure" and saw the link to your blog. I can't wait to read all about your family's experience in China. Best wishes,
Dee (Mom to 1 little sweetie from China)

G.A.C.E. said...

Dee - Welcome! Thanks for coming along with us. I absolutely loved reading Malinda's blog and learned so much from her. I'll look forward to your comments.